Welcome to The Show

My name is Tyler Birdsall, owner of Birdsall’s Auto Works. I’ve been asked numerous times about the creation of my business so I decided to start writing about it! I know many who already enjoy hearing about my story, I hope you all do as well!



There are many events that took place leading up to my decision to pursue a business. One in particular that truly convinced me…The Show…is what we called it. That is, our Athens Track and Field team who made it to the Pennsylvania State Finals. One man single handedly convinced all of us that we could accomplish anything we set our minds to. With hard work and perseverance, we could tackle the world. (in this case it was his own school record) The day it happened, is the day I knew.


Rewind 25 Years

It all started in a 2 bay garage behind my first childhood home. My father created his own business “Birdsall’s Body Shop”. With the idea of growing to provide for our family, the dream became reality. With years of strong reputation and quality work, a more consistent income was needed. Birdsall’s Body Shop still operated for close friends and family but closed down publicly in order to better provide for the new family addition…me.


Fast Forward 15 Years

The consistent income a.k.a. Ingersoll-Rand shut down. Leaving dad with an incredible opportunity, the purchase of Gene’s Body Shop. A shop well known for its incredible quality and customer service, this was perfect. At this time, I was old enough to work. By working I mean sweeping floors, garbage duty, sanding, you know…grunt work. However, my purpose was greater. I needed more. My father put a paint gun in my hand and that is when it all changed. My original calling was found. Following in his footsteps with immense quality, a painter was born at the age of 16. This is when my entire life changed.

A New Beginning

Throughout the years new skills were learned, new ideas were thought of, eventually resulting in a newly designed business. Gene’s Body Shop was my home, my personal creator, and where my entire life evolved. Check out next week’s article for the next step that was taken within my life and the creation of the original, Birdrunner Mobile Car Care.