Professional Car Detailing

All of our details include an in-depth vacuum of all textile surfaces. High-pressure air to get all the nooks and crannies. An intense steam cleaning of ALL surfaces offers the highest level of cleanliness!

The highest quality Detailing....starts here!

Plastics and leather are dressed with zero residue UV protection that is guaranteed to impress. Topped off with crystal clear windows. We then tackle the exterior with a deep decontamination wash to remove mud, bugs, tar, and iron! A top-to-bottom hand wash and hand dry bringing out the best of your vehicle. We top all exterior details with SiO2 spray protection to again, protect from those harmful UV rays!

Professional Auto Detailers in Your Area

Look no further than Birdsall’s Auto Works if you’re looking for a trustworthy, professional, and experienced auto detailer in your region. We have a team of highly trained and passionate auto detailers that are committed to giving our customers the finest quality service possible. Paired with our Paint Correction service to get rid of any imperfections, your vehicle will be looking like new!

Car DeTaIling Packages

Full Detail

$ 200
  • The complete interior and exterior package.
  • Nothing left behind with this in-depth package.

Interior Detail

$ 100
  • In-depth vacuum
  • Steam cleaning
  • Zero residue UV protection
  • Crystal clear glass

Exterior Detail

$ 100
  • Decontamination wash
  • Hand wash and dry
  • Clay bar
  • SiO2 Spray Protection
*Subject to change based on vehicle condition*

Interior 360 Add-on

$ 200
  • Our technicians will pre-treat all plastic, leather, and textile surfaces with industry-best ceramic coatings to preserve and enhance the beauty of your automobile!
*Subject to change based on vehicle size*

Exterior Sport Add-on

$ 200
  • All exterior surfaces including paint, plastic, glass and rim faces get our Sport Ceramic Spray for 6 months of Ceramic protectant! This is the most important part of the car to keep clean and protected. The Ceramic protectant will make sure that the car's paint is protected from the elements and will not fade or dull.
*Subject to change based on vehicle size*

Why Choose Our Car Detailing Service?

Many reasons exist to select Birdsall’s Auto Works for your vehicle detailing needs. We’re a family-owned and managed company, so we take pleasure in our work. We’ve also been detailing cars since long before it was popular. To ensure that your automobile looks its best, we only utilize the greatest products and cutting-edge methods.

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Birdsall’s Auto Works LLC is a full-service auto detailing and ceramic coating business located in Athens, Pennsylvania, USA. We provide a diverse range of services, from simple washes to complete detailing packages. We also offer ceramic coating treatments to preserve the appearance of your automobile’s paint.

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